How the American States divide themselves

By Victor Adams

If you walk out the front door, you know that something is wrong. There are no more beer summits. Every opposing thought is a threat to democracy. Americans no longer agree to disagree.

A collection of Monty Python cast-offs stormed the Capital building and took selfies. It might have been mildly amusing had it not turned bloody. The idiots were arrested within two hours. A coup d'état? The French would be appalled.

Hollywood East deployed more military hardware in its streets than in Kabul, Afghanistan. Times are tense. There is talk…

An affordable health-care option

What does an average-at-best writer write about when they can’t write? That’s obvious. They write about the reason they can’t write. That means you get to learn about back surgery South of the border.

It’s December 2020. I’m a third of the way through the second book in my South American adventure series. I’m making great progress lampooning apps and lawyers. From nowhere, I get a Pompeiian sense that something is wrong. I need to run away, but I’m frozen in place. My L-5 vertebrae just went Mt. Vesuvius.

It’s from sitting and writing. I know…

Freedom Packages; starting as low as $45/month

It isn’t possible that a government would package freedoms and rent them back to its citizens for a monthly fee. Obviously, that is the stuff of satire. Impossible. Ludicrous. Mel Brooks caliber stuff. But, say, if they did…just hypothetically, it might look a bit like this.

Victor Adams is a retired franchisee, independent business owner, and Siberian husky breed snob. He is the author of the satirical adventure, The Last One Out, available on Amazon.

Image by Robin Higgins

By Victor Adams

Twitter might cost you your job, but not for the reason you think. Not a lot of people would disagree that Twitter is a giant time-suck. But is that time worse than just wasted?

Sure, you might lose your job if you post against the grain. That’s nothing Earth shattering. But if you aren’t savvy enough to govern your emotions on social media, you were a dead-man-walking anyway. You might lose your job because you’re spending work-time on the service. But pretty much everyone can hide their use. …

To Combat Mounting Stupidity

By Victor Adams

Satire: most commonly defined as the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to criticize stupidity or vice, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

The concept appears to be making a comeback. The question is why.

Possibly because it’s the most effective and least offensive way of pointing out what an entire society sees but doesn’t have a platform to voice. …

by Victor Adams

We don’t know the specifics on the financial impact of COVID-19 yet, but the signs are pointing to something akin to a financial nuclear winter. Anecdotally, I know an American renegotiating a commercial lease in Bangalore, India[1]. The US firm is offering to stay for a 50% rent decrease. The landlord thinks that will probably work. If you’ve ever tried to re-negotiate a commercial lease, this doesn’t happen. Period.

COVID-19 is clearly a virus, and a clearly dangerous one for certain groups of people. Whether it was hatched in a lab or is a naturally occurring virus…

The question remains, where do you go?

Finding the Affordable America, part II

By Victor Adams

If you read the first article in this two-part series, you know that expatriating requires some front-end work on your part. Now, I’m going to walk through a hypothetical budget, based on my experiences of living in Latin America. If you’ve chosen to live in another part of the world, great. It’s the mindset that’s important.

First, you have to take responsibility for the decision. With over 1.3 million lawyers in the U.S, advice is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Since I don’t have an address, good luck serving me papers…

Someone agrees that 80-hour work weeks suck. Image by Donkeyzonk from Pixabay

Early Retirement & Finding the Affordable America

By Victor Adams

I retired to Cartagena, Colombia in 2017 at the age of 43. I spent the first couple of years lounging on beaches, pickling my liver with Aguardiente, and traveling around Latin America. Not a hugely productive retirement, but certainly a fun start. I’m divorced with no kids, no more employees, no more businesses, and nothing to do. So that’s life. Cartagena happens to be a particularly good place to have nothing to do, so the combination works for me.

Like all expats, I have the pathological need to emphasize that I love the U.S. It’s my home…

By Victor Adams

I almost started a corporate gibberish slogan once. I was at a conference where some speaker was sloganeering us to death. A colleague next to me turned and said, “I bet we could get the phrase ‘sprinkle the infield’ going”. I couldn’t stop laughing. Then I couldn’t stop thinking…is that how all this nonsense gets started? As a joke?

Would you believe that there is even a parody website for creating corporate gibberish? Check out Insert any company name, and you’ll probably be staring at next week’s corporate morale memo or rebranding initiative.

Do you remember…

By Victor Adams

I get asked, a lot, why I decided to pull up stakes and leave the States. Most people assume the decision was political. Nothing could be further from the truth. Initially, I responded that the reason was economic; the U.S. is a terrible value. Though I still consider that valid, I’ve come to realize that wasn’t the whole story.

Here is a quick aside unrelated to the Colombia vs. USA debate. After 10pm, you can run an empty red light in Nicaragua. Doesn’t that just make sense? Why can’t the U.S. do things like that? It’s small…

Victor Adams

Author of The Last One Out, former entrepreneur, financial analyst, and Siberian husky breedist. Auburn & Vanderbilt alum.

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